Three unique folk singer songwriters that are perfect for your autumn playlist

Tom Webber – “I Am What I Am”
-When I first clicked play on this song, my approval finger was hovering over the button almost immediately due to the great guitar playing… then the vocal entered and I smashed that “APPROVE” button. Webber writes with depth and sincerity that puts me in mind of several classic folk artists. The lyrics are about self awareness in the best way possible. It’s almost an anthem for midlife; acknowledging weaknesses and strengths with a beautifully reflective spirit. “Understand I am what I am.” Amen to that, troubadour.

Taylor James Donskey – “Another Season”
-Sometimes I run across music that stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice. This track from Donskey did just that, bringing together elements of traditional acoustic folk with a more modern Americana sensibility. There’s an intentionality to the phrasing that definitely stood out to me. The use of background singers and slide guitar here makes it feel like a bit of a genre blend, but it works. I appreciate that the lyrics are about people who know you so well they know when you are not okay even when you say you are. The emotions on this one are intriguing, but well worth exploring.

Riley John – “Picture”
-There’s a calming energy to this song that resonated with me right away. I appreciate how the song unfolds slowly, with a sincerity that invites the listener into the conversation. The song has a heartfelt self reflection to it. The acoustic guitar drives the movement of the song in the opening, but it does evolve into more of an atmospheric rock style song later. The whole musical composition mirrors the emotions of self reflection from sadness and disappointment to outright anger. This is a thought provoking and emotional piece that is definitely worth your consideration.

Image courtesy: Tom Webber IG

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