Three Americana tracks that’ll rip your heart out, drown it in whiskey, and put it back

The Roseline – “Aloneness”
-I clicked play on this song and lost track of time. No, I don’t mean like it went fast. I mean like I can’t even tell what year it is anymore. This song is like a time machine. As a natural introvert, the lyrical focus on the desire to be alone resonates with me. I can’t say the lyric about solitude leading to an early death feels too good, even though I know it’s right. The ripping electric guitar solo on this track is absolutely reason to listen. The vibe feels like a throwback rockabilly song in the best way possible. The combination of Americana, southern rock, and even throwback country elements make this a fantastic tune. Also, don’t sleep on this piano work. What a tune!

Jacob Aranda – “Joshua”
-The calming acoustic work in the opening of this track will lull you right into listening. This is the kind of folk music we’ve been highlighting for over a decade; it’s got a narrative that will make you take notice all while a comfortable acoustic line keeps it rolling. The lyrics are jarring at times, delivered with a cool and comfortable country-flavored lead vocal style. Something about the composition reminds me of two artists we’ve featured over the years, Dylan Leblanc and Rayland Baxter. I think Jacob Aranda’s music is worthy of being in the company of those two indie stars. This track is evidence of the quality songwriting and unique lyrical contribution.

Admiral Radio – “If I Needed You” (Townes van Zandt cover)
-Do you know want to know how to get my attention? Two ways — great harmonies and a great song. This track has them both. All dyed-in-the-wool folk fans know Townes van Zandt, but I bet old Townes would have loved to hear this version. There’s an almost prayer-like sincerity to the lyrical delivery here. The voices blend beautifully, creating more of a gospel air to the track. The track has a long history of covers, perhaps most notably by Emmylou Harris and Don Williams. To be honest, it’s almost folk canon at this point. Admiral Radio do this old standby justice with their strings, harmonies, and authenticity.

Image courtesy: Admiral Radio IG

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