Three brand new folk rock tracks that remind us what a genre subgenre it is

Daniel Trakell – “Waves”
-There’s a slow, methodical style about this track from Daniel Trakell that makes it really work. Maybe the methodical, rhythmic style is meant to mimic the waves. Nevertheless, the lyrical content stays with the theme of what it’s like being carried out to sea and being dragged under. It’s a powerful metaphor, that’s for sure. The layered atmospheric guitars give the song a lush, satisfying style. It’s music you can focus on intently or allow to wash over you in the background.

Kimberly Walsh – “The Outside”
-When I first clicked play on this song, I thought it felt like a bit of a contemporary country flavor. But the more I’ve listened to it, I agree with the distinction of folk rock. It definitely has rock guitars and a nice beat that keeps it moving. But the best part of the song is the quality of Walsh’s vocal styling. There’s an emotive element to the song that’s sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners. If you’ve ever wished to go back in time to when your situation was better (especially with a relationship), this song will certainly resonate. I dig the mood of the song as much as anything. Walsh’s vocal is so good I’ll be listening for more from her in the future.

Blackwood Station – “Let Me Down Gently”
-This track feels like traditional folk music, so of course it fills my heart with joy. It’s a lot more of an acoustic folk vibe than what some might think of as folk rock, but honestly it would fit right in with the likes of James Taylor in the mid 20th century. The rolling lyric “let me down gently babe…” has a great double meaning about being lain in a bed but also about a breakup. The clever writing, sincere lyrical delivery, and overall authenticity appeals to me. This is one of those songs that probably won’t garner millions of plays (sorry guys!), but it wins my heart! I’m going to put it on a playlist and add it to my personal rotation. Fans of Joe Purdy and similar heartfelt folk artists will find a lot to like with this one.

Image courtesy: Blackwood Station FB

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