Three captivating acoustic folk tracks that will remind you why you follow this site

Kyle Szalay – “Inbetween”
-This emotionally driven acoustic track is sure to capture the attention of a wide range of our followers. Szalay writes with sincerity that’s easy to hear in both the string work as well as the vocal intonation. The assuring lyric “if it gets too late I’ll always take you home” gives reassurance amidst the other lyrics about being unsure of the future. This is such a wonderful lyrical concept that focuses on the gray areas of relationship uncertainty; it’s hard to always feel devotion when it “feels like I’m the only one involved.” This one has a brightness to the string work with a depth and seriousness in the lyrics that truly resonates.

Caleb Hearn – “Dear Son or Daughter”
-If you’re a new parent or becoming one soon, this song is going to really connect. But heck, I’ve been a parent for a while now and this sense of devotion is absolutely something that resonates with me as well. Loving your child with “every last part of me” is what the job requires and it’s such a blessing to do it. The very real fear of having “the world” harm your child comes across in this track. The sweet sense of devotion from Caleb Hearn on this one allows the song to resonate in powerful ways. It’s an easy going acoustic folk style (complete with some interesting orchestral elements) and the standout feature is the genuineness of the lyrical composition.

Handsome and Gretyl – “Here Comes My Love”
-The acoustic instrumentation on this track balances beautifully with the folk duo vocals from the quaintly named Handsome and Gretyl. This isn’t our first time featuring these talented artists and it’s easy to hear why we’re bringing them back with this new track “Here Comes My Love.” There’s a gentleness in the recording here that allows the listener to ease back into the joyfulness of the tune. It’s a sonic reassurance of love that is captured both in the strings as well as the vocals. The little runs from the keys do a nice job of conveying the soft-spoken sincerity of the track. This is a little hidden folk gem.

Image courtesy: Caleb Hearn IG

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