Rousing Pop Rock Band Daykisser Is On Their Way to Greatness

by Laurent Chavannes

Driving while blasting music can be very influential. Some songs will make you feel invincible as you speed down the highway, while other songs will have you cruising on the beachside with your windows rolled down. Daykisser’s newest track “Big Town Ticket” will most likely have listeners relating to the former.

The song starts off mysteriously with a drum count in accompanied by a single trombone note. It steadily builds with a melodic piano riff layered with strings and a smooth bassline before the vocals come in and bring everything together. The whole band comes in with a wall of sound that is sure to induce neck straining head banging. It’s impossible to say that one instrument steals the show because the whole band plays as a single unit. Every part is intentional and compliments the song rather than take the spotlight. The borderline strained vocals on top of the blaring horn section evokes a feeling of grandiose as the lead vocalist belts “big town ticket in a Cali bar”. The song is full of energy and confidence, nothing out of the ordinary for Daykisser.

Along with “Big Town Ticket” the group released their EP DUNES in March of 2023 with a more acoustic vibe to it. The EP is perfect for upcoming fall and winter months with beautifully arpeggiated guitar melodies and reflective lyrics to have listeners feeling like the troubled main character as they look out of the foggy car window.

With these strong recent releases, it’s safe to say that audiences are gonna want to hear more of Daykisser as they continue to grow and refine their already impressive sound.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Laurent Chavannes is currently based in Seattle, WA. Being involved in the music scene since he was a teenager, he strives to help give emerging artists a platform by either putting together local shows, curating playlists, or writing blog posts. He continues to make music in his spare time and hopes to find himself in the Seattle music scene.

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