A pair of chilled out indie pop tunes for your inquisitive ear

Clubhouse – “Always Been You”
-There’s a chill vibe to this song that defies genre; it’s a little pop, a little singer songwriter, and a little bit of narrative love song. The track allows the listener to connect with the lyrics in a meaningful way. The understated harmonies do a nice job of setting the mood for the track as well. It seems to be a breakup song about having to leave someone even though they’ve always been the one. It’s a relatable sentiment as relationships don’t always work out. The horns in the background give additional texture that helps to bring out the pop character of the track. It’s a great tune.

Jack Landess – “Drift”
-We don’t often feature more atmospheric or electronic music, so when you find it hear you know it must be good. From the time the vocal enters the track, you’ll hear what we like about this one. The energy is immediately intriguing, with vibes that feel like they bring together multiple genres. The acoustic elements balance well with the electronic, creating a symbiotic relationship between the parts of the track. The lyrics are contemplative regarding a relationship and its uncertain future; if you’ve ever been in the midst of a complex relationship it’s a relatable sentiment. I appreciate the otherworldly composition style as it connects with the feeling of “limbo” being in an uncertain relationship. Fantastic concept.

Image courtesy: Jack Landess IG

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