Three acoustic tracks with an Americana soul and a moving emotional sensibility

Jon Kenzie – “The Heart of This”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic, bluesy music, you’ll find a lot to like in this song from Jon Kenzie. There’s a heaviness to the track that is unavoidable. It feels like an emotionally weighty track that really draws the listener into Kenzie’s confessional style. The chord structure creates a mood of seriousness in a really powerful way. The harmonics on the instrumental break give it a syrupy, southern feel. I’m not sure the story behind the song, but when you listen you will feel an emotional connection for sure.

Logan Bolling – “Dirt Road Back To You”
-Right from the start, I have to say the easy comparison for Logan Bolling is a nice compromise between Tyler Childers and John Fullbright. Bolling has a style all his own, though, so let’s not get too caught up in the comparison game here. The song has a raw, bawdy reality to it that really works well. It’s a heartache song about a soulless relationship. Bolling’s evident spirit makes the song feel like a classic by someone John Prine or Blaze Foley. I love the acoustic guitar and expressive lyrical content; this is the type of country music I wish was still on the radio. Logan Bolling is a name I’ll be watching in the future!

Remy Sher – “Gone To Mama’s”
-This is such a wonderful song. It’s an acoustic song with a narrative style that captures the attention right away. Sher’s vocal style is excellent, right in that pocket between singing and talking to an old friend. The phrasing is great. The steel guitar gives the song an additional depth that is sure to make a lot of fans of the sound. The line, “everyone I’ve ever loved is dead or dead to me.” Wow. It packs an emotional punch, for sure. Sher writes with a relatable style not unlike Jason Isbell’s style of plainspoken yet insightful Americana. This is a really special song and I hope it finds a large following.

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