Three fantastic new artists bending and twisting our notions of what makes “pop” music

Lily Buns – “Grow Alone”
-This is a song about being ready to go. The snappy pop instrumentation and melody lines will be recognizable for listeners. I love how the song packs such a powerful punch despite a relatively sparse (in a good way!) production style. The attitude in the lyrical composition is matched perfectly with the vocal delivery, with expressive and emotional phrases about seeking independence. This sounds like a person ready to get out there and live life. I admire the moxie and sense of adventure here.

Lily Mae Harrington – “Salty”
-If you’re looking for a power pop anthem to yell at the top of your lungs, you’ll find a lot to like with this track from Lily Mae Harrington. The lyrics on the chorus are quite direct and full of animosity. If you’ve ever looked back at an ex and been “mad that they’re happy,” you will relate to the track. This one has a good bit of attitude and visceral frustration, which makes it quintessential pop rock music. There pockets of electric guitar solos and the syncopated rhythmic structure all give it a timeless rock appeal that I am definitely proud to support here.

Cordelia Chatfield – “The Life of the Party Is Dead”
-From the first time I found this song, I was immediately struck by the powerful pop energy that it has. The piano is the main instrumental force, but Chatfield’s voice is what propels the song and message forward. There’s a bouncy energy to the main chorus and a clever lyrical concept about a love interest being the life of the party… and then, as the title explains, the life of the party is dead. I’m not here to diagnose anything, but it sounds like the guy was probably manipulative, yet he is dead to her but he carries on being the “life of the party.” It’s a sad song wrapped up in a bouncy pop song. Sadly, I fear a lot of people will relate to this type of toxic person in their own lives.

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