Three new tracks in the Americana and alt country vein that will absolutely make your day

Nightingale Radio – “Savannah”
-This is a heartache song with the sorrow of an old time photograph. The expressive vocal style on this one immediately stood out to me. The lyrics are about being in “awe” of “the way you made the words lilt.” Yep, exactly that. It’s a song about the meaning of music, family, and the city of Savannah. It’s a slow but beautiful piece of music. It really reminds me of the roots of country music with a narrative that draws out our humanity.

Emily Kidd and Griffin Winton – “Put a Tent On That Circus”
-If you can’t have fun with a throwback country song, we can’t be friends. This song tells the story… of… um… rowdy neighbors. We’ll leave it at that. It’s got a classic honkytonk vibe. While it probably would never have made it onto network TV, you can picture this being a big hit back in the 1960s. It has that tongue-in-cheek humor that doesn’t exactly say what it’s about but all of the adults in the room understand. Clever, funny, lighthearted, and sexy. This is a great time, a great listen, and is sure to get everyone laughing… or blushing… as the case may be.

Justin Sconza – “Goin home”
-They say you can never really go home. Home is always changing and it will never match what you have in your mind. “Why do we rust from our past?” and “how can we run away?” The lyrics in this song really bring some great questions with a Beatles-meet-John Denver type of songwriting. The vocal harmonies on this track won me over right away. The sentimentality of the lyrics appeal to me in a number of ways. If you’re one of the many people who lives far from where you grew up, you’ll find a lot of relatable sentiments here. It’s ultimately a longing that can never be fulfilled, even though your heart aches for “home.”

Image courtesy: Emily Kidd IG

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