A pair of bluegrass tunes showing the old and new schools of the genre

Caroline Owens – “No More Blue Moons in Kentucky”
-I love that this song makes an homage to one of the greatest bluegrass songs in history, “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” It’s a lament, though, about how things are different now. Owens utilizes classic bluegrass structure to sing about this time period and its connection with a shared past. It has a nice little “geographical twist” that I’ll save for you to listen to on your own. The combination of classic structure and cheeky lyrics (also classic) makes the song a great fit for our readership.

The Arcadian Wild – “Big Sky, MT”
-I had the privilege of interviewing The Arcadian Wild a while ago. The lineup has changed some, but the identity of the band is still in experimental, breathtaking contemporary bluegrass. As I have written in the past, fans of Thile-driven Nickel Creek tracks will find a lot to like about The Arcadian Wild’s sound. “Big Sky, MT” is an example of contemporary bluegrass done extremely well. The harmonies are otherworldly. The writing is clear, interesting, and pulls the listener in. Overall, though, it’s a cathartic and beautiful sound. I hope every fan of modern bluegrass gets to hear this incredible song.

Image courtesy: The Arcadian Wild IG

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