Three acoustic folk tunes to bring some joy this Friday

Gabrielle Grace – “Could it be me”
-If you like a sweet high vocal with an understated acoustic dimension, you’ll enjoy the opening of the song. However, once the lower vocal harmony enters it goes from good to great. There’s a gentle energy to the song that is sure to win over a lot of fans. It’s about singing together, being together, and forming a connection. There’s a delightfully optimistic energy and the harmony sends a message on its own. The combination is simply wonderful acoustic folk music.

Dan Pallotta – “The man that fortune forgot”
-This is the most John Prine song I have heard in a few years and I’m thrilled to be introduced to Dan Pallotta’s songwriting. There are too many clever lines to highlight in a short review, but it really feels like the songwriter spent a great deal of time listening to Prine. Even the phrasing is reminiscent of Prine’s iconic style. The lyrical flourishes all fit nicely into the overall theme of disappointment. I could listen to this kind of music all day (and I just might)! If I ruled the world, this is what would play on “country” radio.

Polaroid Collective – “Shiver, shake”
-The expressive acoustic guitar work on this song made me like it. The phrasing and unique folk songwriting made me love it. The combination of these factors makes for a quality song that really does stand out in a crowded folk genre. I know it’s cheating a bit to say that the lyrics are “poetic,” but that’s a good word for it. They do convey a message, but there are some indirect phrases that create images in the listener’s mind rather than preaching at them. It’s a cathartic and contemplative tune.

Image courtesy: Gabrielle Grace IG

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