Three exceptional singer songwriters that you’ll want for your summer playlist

Clover County – “Outlaw”
-This song has everything you like about folk music – the guitar in the opening, the sweet lead vocal, and really good lyrical imagery. The phrasing is gentle, rolling, and familiar. Listeners are invited into the narrative by the first verse. The easy going guitar feels just perfect, setting the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics are fantastic and the overall performance is exceptional. This is one of the best indie folk tunes I’ve heard all year.

Scott Tyler Schwartz – “Young and Old”
-Wow this vocal performance is really impressive. Call the genre whatever the heck you want… sometimes it’s folk, sometimes pop, and sometimes it’s downright soul music. It’s a great tune. If you liked bands in the mid-70s that seemed to bring together pop and soul with accessible dynamics, then you’ll find a lot to love in this song. Schwartz sings with a romantic energy and the production value on this song is absolutely incredible. This one stands out from the crowd in some really dynamic ways.

Skyler Day – “Best worst thing”
-The first thing I did when I started writing about this song was share it with a friend who enjoys Dodie Clark, Lizzy McAlpine, and Tessa Violet. That’s a pretty good group of comps for this talented rising artist, Skyler Day. The phrasing on this song is really well done. The lyrics – whew – okay… they are on another level. This isn’t just diary heartbreak standard fare. There’s a depth and substance to this song about the way the partner made her feel. It’s not just heartache bitterness; it’s an expression of emotional openness and sincerity. It’s a really remarkable song by an incredibly talented artist. I doubt Skyler Day wrote this song with a 40-year old music blogger’s perspective in mind… but it connected with me in some deep, personal ways. It’s wonderful.

Image courtesy: Clover County IG

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