Three unconventional (but beautiful) variations on rock music

Mise en Scene – “Beautiful People”
-I don’t even know what subgenre to call this, but it’s got some Sleater-Kinney vibes for sure. The vocals have a unique flavor to them. The easy going expressiveness of the electric guitar makes the sound resonate well. The overall composition reminds me of something that might have come out in the late 80s, complete with expressive guitars and just enough grunge effect to make it suit that era. It’s an intriguing sound that should capture the attention of some of our readers.

Jack Landess – “Hourglass”
-“I just need some time to find the words.” Wow, there’s some real maturity in that lyrical concept from this talented rising artist. Imagine if we all took the time to “find the words” before replying in a complex situation. This track has more of a post rock vibe than what I typically feature, but it’s definitely an interesting bit of rock singer songwriter work. Landess has an eclectic palate that influences the sound here, including elements of alt rock and an almost orchestral quality to the backing guitars. The full composition feels artful, intentional, and emotionally informed. Fans of more experimental rock music will find a lot to enjoy, especially in the latter half of this track.

Black Hat – “Nite Tripper”
-We don’t cover a lot of psych rock around here, so when we do it’s because it’s really good and stands out from the crowd. There’s a ton of production value to this exciting new rock tune from Black Hat. The fuzziness on the guitars is just enough to make it pop. The call and response style from the vocal feels comfortable, while the lyrics seem a bit steeped in conflict. The overall energy of the track certainly fits within the psych rock wheelhouse, encouraging listeners to feel the tension from the first to the last notes. It’s not pop by any stretch, but there’s a crossover appeal for people who like tracks like Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” or the Pink Floyd discography.

Image courtesy: Mise en Scene IG

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