Three tracks right at the intersection of folk and Americana music

Hiss Golden Messenger – “Nu-Grape”
-One of the delights of writing about music is helping to find those categories that refine sound into understanding. Honestly, though, with this track it doesn’t really need a genre category to be good. It just feels right. It’s a song that has elements of pop, blues, and rock that all work together for a cool, accessible sound. The soulful energy on the chorus is really enjoyable. I can’t help but think of two very different bands when I listen to this. On the rock side, it reminds me some of Dawes. On the bluesy pop side it reminds me of Lake Street Dive. Since those are two of the best bands I’ve heard in the past decade, that puts this track on solid ground.

Goldschatz – “Keep the fire burning”
-I appreciate this track on multiple levels. First, I’ll say I appreciate it as a man who has been married to his college sweetheart for 17 years. Second, though, I appreciate the quality of the folk harmonies that capture the spirit of the song. In many ways, the way to “keep the fire burning” is to be intentional. This song is an expression of intent and a celebration of that. It also goes to show that you can be sensual with music without necessarily being graphic about it. Any couple listening to this song together will know exactly how close to dance. It’s a great tune and a celebration of love. I’m all about it.

Skye and Johanna James – “Remember me”
-“Oh darling, remember me.” The poetic sincerity of this song made it stand out from the crowd right away. Fans of acoustic folk are going to absolutely love this track from Skye and Johanna James. Each vocal is beautiful in its own right. Together, the composition blends poetic lyricism with exceptional folk duo execution. The end result is an amazing song with visions of naturism, love, and nostalgia. Something about this song reminds me of fairies and otherworldly creatures. It feels like a fitting song for the summer solstice with all of the connotations of new beginnings and a celebration of what is to come with reverence to what was.

Image courtesy: Hiss Golden Messenger IG

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