Three brand new rock tracks throwing back to the roots and pushing forward to the future

Austin Brockner – “Lazy Wednesday”
-Take some classic stylings with a sweet swing and killer horns… ready, now, a classic vocal. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff right there. Brockner’s “Lazy Wednesday” is just the kind of song for a classic vibe with some fresh energy for the present day. If you’re interested in a nice easy going day with coffee and a “lovely lady,” this song will evoke some wonderful images. Throw this on a playlist with classic bluesy influenced and pop flavored rock for a treat every time it spins.

Wild Lyre – “Shelter”
-I can’t avoid the feeling that this song is Americana as much as it is rock. Fans of artists like Bruce Springsteen or even more recently Ryan Adams will find a lot to like about Wild Lyre. The energy of the track captures classic rock sounds with a moving rhythm section. The lyrics focus on being stuck in someone’s shelter and needing to get out the situation. It’s part blues, part celebration, and an overall interesting style of rock music that blends the best of the old and the new.

Danny Rivas – “On the coast”
-There’s probably a fancy music theory term for the type of rhythm in this song, but I’ll tell you what it feels like to me… it’s comfortable and enjoyable. In fact, everything about this track has a chill energy that makes me smile. It’s equal parts “rock” but it also has some timeless pop elements. I could imagine this track playing in the mid 50s to screaming throngs of fans; it captures that early rock n’ roll vibe really well. Sometimes we think about rock in contemporary contexts being a lot more aggressive and abrasive than it was originally. The focus here is on rhythm, movement, and romance; it works great for fans of classic flavors of pop rock n’ roll music.

Image courtesy: Danny Rivas IG

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