Three indie folk tracks that provide a tender acoustic style

Lucy Clearwater – “Tender”
-So if you’re a fan of calm acoustic singer songwriters, you’ll find a hard time finding someone who does it better than Lucy Clearwater. This song has a stillness and peacefulness to it that I find absolutely endearing. It’s almost meditative in its aesthetic. Clearwater’s vocal has just enough movement and inflection to keep it dynamic while preserving the poetic, gentle mood. It’s a song that captures intimacy in song. It’s the musical equivalent of having a lover touch across your neck or back; it’s smooth, peaceful, and beautifully intimate.

Big Bear – “Watermark”
-The whispery energy of this song pulls me in right away. The expressive lyrics are about love and wonder. There’s a sense of space that comes from the acoustic guitar that makes the song grow and swell. The vocal intonation connects with the harmony vocal beautifully. There’s a spiritual style to the song that makes it feel worshipful (which seems intentional). I could definitely see this track being played at a wedding. It’s intimate and sweet, capturing the romance and grandeur of the marriage commitment.

Slow Leaves – “Nothing really changes”
-Fans of Joe Purdy are going to find a lot to like about Slow Leaves. The clever lyricism on the song does a nice job of capturing complex inner thoughts. It’s the kind of smart folk music that will have listeners leaning in to understand the lyrics. It’s a thoughtful, engaging, meaningful, and powerful piece of songwriting. Nothing really changes… time just rearranges. That’s got some philosophical underpinnings that I’m not prepared to address here, but it will leave my head spinning for a while. Give the track a spin and see what you think.

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