Three acoustic folk artists that bring a delightful sense of calm

Laura Lucas – “Wake up, breathe in”
-The calm acoustic style of this track won my heart over right away. The intimate recording style captures the inflections in Lucas’s voice perfectly. The message isn’t bad either; wake up, breathe in. It’s about control, concentration, and a meditative spirit. If you’ve ever had to get over something painful, the quiet nature of this track could help overcome “fragile feelings.” This is an impressive cool acoustic folk song that I’m glad to include on our acoustic singer songwriter playlist.

Gillian Grogan – “Lo the Feeling”
-There’s an intriguing energy to this song that I have loved from first listen. It gives me hints of both old world composition with something that feels like earthy Appalachian sincerity. The tone of the lead singer’s voice has a sense of timelessness that makes it feel like it could be centuries, not decades, old. Some of the more experimental or unconventional elements have an almost Bohemian flair to them. It’s an artful, beautiful bit of folk songwriting. I’ll certainly be considering this one when it comes time for Song of the Year at the end of this year. It’s that good.

Julia Campbell – “kool aid”
-There’s a whimsy about this track that I like beyond words. I keep thinking of lightness, buoyancy, and optimism when I listen to the track. The sense of light and space makes the track feel a bit like our typical coverage of indie pop. The rhythmic percussion meets the energetic guitars with spirited vocals, creating an optimistic energy throughout the track. It’s ultimately a song about moving on and hoping the other person is okay with that. I love that it’s a track that brings together a few different genres that are perfect fits for EarToTheGround. I feel like our readership from traditional to contemporary will all find something to love about this beautiful, colorful song.

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