Three engaging rock tracks to get your week going

Jay Putty – “The best days are yet to come”
-There’s an optimistic energy to this track that I really need in my life right now. The up tempo style and positive lyrics have a style that brings inspiration and excitement. It’s got pop rock mixed with some of the things I like most about folk music all wrapped into an infectiously enjoyable sound. The “ohh ohs” on the chorus invite the audience to sing along. This reminds me of summer camp or a big concert with good friends. I can’t help but listen to this with a smile on my face.

Jake Huffman – “Body talk”
-This song has a sensual vibe to it that is evident from the moment you click “play.” The guitars have that sexy style that only rock music can capture. Huffman has a slightly little rasp in his voice that gives him a sort of early career Mick Jagger style. The combination of the sensuality of the style and the snappiness of the rhythm makes the song perfect for one of those dancefloor tracks that gets bodies talking to each other. This is a bit more sensual than what we usually cover, but I like how it captures that sort of John Mayer “Your body is a wonderland” sensuality without crossing into something overtly graphic. It’s sexy and sure to make a lot of fans of Huffman’s music.

Tom Meighan – “Don’t give in”
-When I tell people I like to listen to indie rock music, this is the type of sound that I mean. Tom Meighan’s energy and style are perfect for the type of rock I enjoy. It’s got plenty of attitude in the guitars, yet the vocal soars over the mix and the listener can understand every lyric. “We get back, we don’t give in” is such a good anthemic style. Whether you’re an athlete or have some other form of competition in your life, this type of motivating song is perfect. I appreciate the quality of the electric guitars and the driving rhythm; it’s a great rock tune that I’m happy to support here.

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