Three indie folk tracks that will remind listeners why they love music

Skout – “I am here”
-Something about the harmonics on this acoustic guitar absolutely make my ears happy. The vocal from Skout is also incredible. When these two elements work together, the sound is beautiful. The peaceful harmonies on the first chorus are so good. There’s a real warmth to the composition style that I adore. The chromatic chord changes throughout the track create a sound that is warm and welcoming. The lyrics are about carefully reflecting with a heart of gratitude towards life. I can personally relate to this song more than I am comfortable admitting publicly. If you have reflected on your life and hoped that someone specific would be proud of you, this song will resonate for sure.

Eleven Magpies – “Murmuration”
-If you like incredible string work, you will love this song from Eleven Magpies. The peaceful energy of this recording gets me every listen. Let me tell you right from the outset that it’s an instrumental track, so don’t worry waiting for the vocal to enter. Softly, gently close your eyes and let your mind wander with the active and exciting melody here. Fans of neoclassical and even more progressive types of folk and bluegrass will enjoy this song. The balance between movement and dynamics is quite evident on this one. The mandolin, in particular, makes me smile. This is a lovely tune.

Garrett Kato and Elena – “Never alone”
-It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good acoustic guitar part. This track does that quite well. Kato’s vocal has a sweet, subtle engaging style to it. Once Elena’s vocal enters the track it really cultivates a sense of intimacy. The cool acoustic work feels just right in balance with the warmth of the vocals. The lyrics are about being together. It’s a love song with an air of sweetness and gentleness. If you’re looking for a song to send to your special someone, this will do.

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