Three genre-defying tracks that will appeal to Americana, folk, and alt country fans

Will Breman – “Craters and canyons”
-There’s an inherent charm to this track that put my smile on my face from first listen. The string work connects with some older traditions, but there’s a freshness to the production mix that makes it really pop. Breman’s vocal has a quality to it that reminds me a bit of Needtobreathe. The pop-meets-traditional flavor of the sound is really enjoyable. The natural imagery will appeal to folks who have been in the American southwest. You can almost feel the heat of the western sun listening to this song, which is an expression of love and adventure. It’s just a really good tune.

Nat Vazer – “Born”
-The electric guitar on this track melted my heart right away. The crawling melodic style reminded me of Rayland Baxter, which is high praise. Vazer sings with a heartfelt sentimentality, which permeates each line of the song. The mellow approachability of the vocal quality makes the room feel warm and rich. Vazer’s sometimes-whispered aesthetic works really well for this format. The lyrics remind us all to stay grounded in a world that seems a bit out of control. It’s an earthy, ethereal style that’s sure to appeal to a lot of fans of reflective folk and easy going Americana music. This is a gem.

Christian Larsmon – “Burn the boats”
-The aggressive acoustic guitar style really works for this song, but it’s Larsmon’s expressive vocal style that really makes it stand out from the crowd. I appreciate how the energetic lyric work emerges in the mix due to Larsmon’s persistent vocal style. The phrase “burn the boats” is a reference to committing to winning a fight. Larsmon expresses the desire to stay and see a job done, no escape and no surrender. It’s essentially an acoustic version of what sounds like an awesome rock jam. If you’re a fan of rowdy Americana with easy to connect lyrics, give Larsmon a spin.

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