Three unique takes on modern rock music

Tatum Scott – “Virginia”
-No matter what genre you call this song, it’s got major hit potential. It sounds like a lot of stuff you might hear on pop stations currently. The quality of the vocal is evident from the start. There’s an infectious energy to the track. The lyrics have a “devil may care” kick to them as a break up and “see ya later” style to them. If you’ve ever had a rough break up where you are just glad to be done with the other person, this song will certainly resonate.

Kingfisher – “Stand back in”
-When I tell people I listen to “indie rock” this is the kind of music I mean. The percussion keeps it moving, the guitars are energetic, and the overall sound encourages listeners to really lean in and enjoy. I appreciate the vocal harmonies that throw back to earlier eras of rock music. The groove definitely keeps me coming back for more with this one. The lyrics are about inviting someone to come back into your life, to make it like it used to be. It’s a fun concept with a party rock energy propelling the track.

John Lowell Anderson – “A lot to lose”
-At the start of the track, you’ll be surprised to hear some pretty intense distortion, but trust me that it’s worth sticking around. Once the vocal enters, there’s a sound that reminds me of the likes of Christian Lee Hutson or Jake Etheridge. The momentum of the track definitely feels like a timeless rock track. The lyrical concept is that “we both got a lot to lose,” but ultimately the risk is worthwhile. I appreciate the sentimentality and philosophical underpinning of this one. It’s what indie music is all about; this wouldn’t make it on most “pop” stations but we’re absolutely happy to share it here and hope that folks will spin and share it.

Image courtesy: Tatum Scott IG

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