Three singer songwriters that bring a creative spin to their emerging new music

Mori – “Georgia”
-I’m not gonna say it… I’m not gonna say it… ok, this song reminds me a lot of Dodie Clark and Tessa Violet. But please… listen to Mori for her own style and substance. There’s such a gorgeous sweetness to this composition. The lyrics are narrative, pulling the listener into a heartbreak anthem about a broken love in Georgia. The expressive piano work does a great job of propelling the storyline forward, but it’s the exceptional phrasing and melody that make this song really work. It’s hard to believe that Mori is an emerging artist and not someone who has been selling out arenas for years. This is the kind of talent that has absolutely no ceiling. This is an outstanding song!

Julia Gartha – “The wall”
-Light. Life. The soaring soprano of Julia Gartha brings light and life to anyone who listens to this song. It’s a heartbreak song about trouble communicating with someone who has a “wall” that keeps them from connecting. Gartha has an exceptional vocal style that stands out from the crowd immediately. The unconventional sound is both “pop” in terms of melody and beat, but doesn’t follow typical formulaic pop stylings. It’s a song that builds an emotional narrative that is sure to be relatable to anyone who has ever struggled to connect with a friend or romantic partner.

Billy Kelson – “The way I see the world”
-The guitars in the opening of this song are already pretty good, but Kelson’s exceptional vocal really takes this track to another level. Not every lead vocal needs to sound the same and there’s a smoky quality to Kelson’s vocal that really makes it work here. The lyrics are almost philosophical in their style. We don’t always approve mysterious style music, but this one really works. It reminds me of the desert or some other lonesome vast space. It’s really got a captivating quality to it. Give it a spin and get lost in the depth of this magical piece of folk songwriting.

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