Three tracks in the alt indie pop world that will bring you some introspective vibes

Deb Never – “Momentary sweetheart”
-This song is a whole vibe. Everything from the expressive vocal style to the dynamics in the production make for a ton of raw emotion in the song. Also, if you’ve ever had a “momentary sweetheart” you’ll know the exact emotional energy that Deb Never captures here. It’s a fascinating reflection on that desire for connection even when it’s not necessarily something you see working long term. The unsettling breaks give thoughtful lyrics before the cascading electric guitars and electronic elements make for powerful chorus-like moments in the song. This isn’t your average pop track; it’s an artful salvo.

Kid Bloom – “Walk with me”
-If you’ve been around my indie pop coverage much in the past few years, you’ll know this name Kid Bloom for sure. The use of space and vibey energy of Kid Bloom’s music always gets me. There’s a lightness to the track that really works here; the pitch is simple, asking the person to walk together. It’s also (probably) a metaphor about trying to make a relationship work that either hasn’t started or is failing. The pleading, appealing lyrical style feels quite relatable. The mix between punctuated lyrical moments with luscious synth and backing work makes for a pleasing listening experience.

Shortcake – “Right side up”
-I was struck by this song right away. There’s a sense of innocence to it, dreaming of a better world. I’m terrible with my pop culture references, but even I caught that this is about Stranger Things. The delicate melody, beautiful voice, and vibrant production make for a really phenomenal example of indie pop songwriting. If you are a fan of introspective, engaging indie pop songwriting then you should definitely give Shortcake a chance. This is a gem.

Image courtesy: Deb Never IG

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