Three engaging indie rock tracks right at the intersection of rock and pop music

Hallo – “Cold magic”
-There’s an endearing light energy to this track that makes it stand out right away. The lead vocal is excellent, allowing for the lyrical message to permeate well. This is going to seem like an odd comment, but the quality of the vocal reminds me a bit of classic country. This is odd because the track itself is quintessential pop rock music. That said, the whole combination has a warm, comfortable feeling to it that’s sure to appeal to a wide range of our listeners. If you dig the track, give it a share to a few of your friends so they can enjoy it, too.

Al Costelloe – “Badmouth”
-If you’re a fan of approachable pop-influenced rock music, you’ll find a lot to like from Al Costelloe. This song has one of those lyrical messages that just cuts deeper than most. It’s about someone talking behind her back because she broke up with them. It’s the opposite perspective of a typical breakup song. “You can badmouth me all over town but I still won’t be the one.” Wow. This is a simple lyrical concept, but it works so well for this timeless poppy rock style track. Costelloe’s vocal shines and the band sits right in that comfortable soft rock pocket quite well.

Rebel Kicks – “Silhouette”
-The beat on this track is really optimistic. I appreciate the rising energy here for sure. If you’re looking for a dynamic rock song to put on your playlist, you can’t do much better than Rebel Kicks. This song has the kind of infectious energy that will make you want to get out there and RUN! The lyrics, though, are a bit darker. “I liked you better as a silhouette.” There are probably a few ways to take that, but it probably means that the person did not live up to the hype or expectations. That said, the song rips and it’s definitely one you want in your playlists.

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