A pair of singer songwriters to get your week started right

Pat Byrne – “Feels like living”
-I’ve been a fan of good narrative folk music for just about as long as I remember. This Pat Byrne song feels like it’s written in the longstanding tradition of storytellers. It’s worthy of a comparison with Kristofferson because of how relatable it is. The calming string work sets the stage for the Byrne’s excellent lyrics and beautiful vocal delivery. The whole composition comes together for an excellent piece of songwriting and storytelling. The lonesome style of the songwriting reminds me a lot of Matthew Mayfield, one of our absolute favorite songwriters around here. Byrne has given us a gift in this song; definitely take some time to listen.

The Gardeners – “She belongs to me”
-I don’t think there’s a genre for this style of music; it’s just really good classic music. There are elements of classic country, old school pop, and a dash of folk. But you know what? It’s just a really good time. I love the chromatic development of the chords, the charming lyrics, and the outstanding vocal performance. This is the kind of song that makes me wonder why this isn’t on the radio (or other popular outlets) more often. The lyrical juxtaposition of the person in the song “belonging” to him while also being “free as can be” is clever. It reminds me of a John Hartford or Tom T. Hall style of pop country from the mid 20th century. It’s a treat.

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