Three indie rock tracks to bring some energy to this late November

Subtle Orange – “Bailey’s”
-Fans of up tempo indie-inflected energetic rock will love this track. It’s got some quirks and we love that. The production includes blips and pops, layers of guitars and electronic elements that make the track stand out. But the soaring vocals, especially on the chorus, are the song’s stand out feature. It’s really an incredible piece of indie rock songwriting. It’s hard to find a good comp band for Subtle Orange as their composition style is really unique and satisfying. The best advice I can give is to spin it for yourself and get ready to sing along on the chorus. It’s the perfect intersection of quirky indie rock with resonate, soaring pop rock.

Pullstring – “When it began”
-The up tempo energy of this track is quintessential indie rock; the chord changes on the chorus feel like they were probably first jammed out in a garage session. We mean that with the highest praise! The song feels like it has a gritty, rooted style to it. The vocals remind me a bit of what I first liked about Thrice’s Dustin Kensrue. I really appreciate the “don’t let life pass you by” line. There’s a lot of that going on with people merely enduring life; this song reminds us to live with joy and vibrancy. The expressive and energetic guitar solo accentuates the “seize the day” sentiment of the track.

Ray Romijn – “Lethal heart”
-If you’re looking for a throwback rock style, check out this mid-60s vibe track from Ray Romijn. The backing harmonies create a real sense of depth to the track. The effect on the electric guitar feels quite vintage. The lyrics are about experiencing heartbreak. The best part of the track is the chromatic chord changes and the way they evoke emotion for the listener. It’s a quaint song with connotations connecting back to the very roots of rock n’ roll music.

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