Three tracks that perfectly fit the indie pop folk rock genre description

Frank Follows – “Like you”
-There’s a great dynamic sense to this track from Frank Follows, with a contemplative and easy going opening that leads to more of a driving rock style on the chorus. The overall energy of the track feels positive and uplifting, so it’s perfect for a light rock style playlist. That said, the vibes of the guitars on the bridge in particular soar over the production for a really wonderful aesthetic. Taking the song together, it just feels good. It’s got elements of pop, folk, and rock all blended into a colorful and engaging tapestry.

Honest Creature – “Please and thank you”
-I appreciate the upbeat rock energy in the opening of this track for sure. The more I listen, though, I really enjoy the folk rock energy as well. There’s an almost Ryan Adams style to the layering of the guitar and the vocal. It’s got just enough attitude to feel like proper rock, while also expressing a folk-like sincerity in the lyrics. What I love about this song, though, is the chromatic chord changes on the chorus. I don’t have a comparison for it; it’s just a really good tune that makes me feel good when I listen to it. It’s great for a folk rock playlist.

palmboy – “Burnout”
-Leaning a bit toward a punk aesthetic, palmboy bring a unique style to the folk rock subgenre. I find the melody of this track to be particularly engaging. The lead vocal is versatile and impressive, allowing the harmony vocal to create a sense of depth. It’s the kind of song that should be played on pop radio today; I’d love to hear this kind of music become more popular. The genre blending between folk, pop, and rock feels quite comfortable on the track. If you’ve ever watched a friend or loved one work themselves half to death, this song will resonate for sure. The energy on the track is great and the vocals won me over from the very start.

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