Three acoustic folk singer songwriters that will relax you immediately

Seed Holden – “Meet me in Cardiff”
-The acoustic guitar work on this track immediately stood out to me as excellent. The deep baritone vocal is really good as well. The narrative folk style of the lyrics works really well also. This song is as close to the “total package” as you’ll find in folk music today. The production style is just right, allowing the vocal to shine through while creating enough instrumental breaks to allow the rest of the band to shine through. Heck, it even has a Seeger-esque “sing along” section. This is a wonderful gift of a folk song and I hope many others will discover it as well.

The Lubben Brothers – “Stay a little longer”
*Warning: This song is about grief and death.
-This is a captivating piece of acoustic songwriting. If you’re looking for a song that will bring a genuine sense of calm, spin this track. The dulcet tones of the lead vocal create an ambiance that’s sure to make a lot of fans of the Lubben Brothers. The lyrics are relatable, especially if you’ve ever been with someone that you didn’t know you were going lose. If you’re grieving, this song will hit especially deeply. It’s an almost prayerful bit of reflection that’s sure to bless some folks.

Clara Mann – “Confessions”
-Sometimes I find a song that just makes the room stand still for a moment. That happened when I clicked play on this beautiful little track from Clara Mann. The melody is absolutely lovely. The production is exquisite, with just enough from the strings and backing instrumentation to create texture but still allowing Mann’s gorgeous vocal to shine through. This is truly timeless songwriting and performance. It’s the kind of song that reminds me that classic musical styles still hold up for our ears and our hearts today.

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