Three indie folk tunes to get your week off to a great start

Hello Darling – “Just for you”
-There’s an immediate romantic sentiment to this song. It’s sure to put a smile on your face. Everything from the easy going style of the vocalist to the quality composition makes the sound come together for a comforting energy. There’s an excitement to the vocal harmonies that give them just the right amount of rowdy while preserving the sentimentality of the song. If you’ve ever been absolutely wild about a person, this song is definitely one that will resonate.

Sophia DeLeo – “Drama queen”
-We’ve been featuring Sophia DeLeo for a while now. Her songwriting has a charm about it that impresses every time. This track has an approachable, personable style. Even though I have never been a seventeen year old girl, there’s a lot about the emotion captured in this track that I can relate to. It’s ultimately about self identity and figuring out how you fit in the world. That’s a set of questions and concerns that transcends specific circumstances. The quality of DeLeo’s vocal continues to impress, conveying emotion and sweetness with every thoughtful line.

William Torp – “If only”
-When I first started writing about music, it was acoustic singer songwriters that really stopped me in my tracks to make me take notice. William Torp has that style of impressive performance. The originality in this performance captured my attention from first listen. There’s a romantic core to the track, imagining a future that could have been with the subject of the song. The counterfactual line of reasoning in the lyrics (“if only…”) make for a captivating concept, but one that I venture to guess all of us can relate to in one way or another. It’s good to hope and dream of what could have been. Close your eyes gently and imagine along with this song; it’s beautiful.

Image courtesy: William Torp IG

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