Three indie folk tracks that will bring some emotion to your weekend

Tommy Alexander – “Feelings”
-We’ve been covering Tommy Alexander a bit here lately because his songwriting seems to have an emotional core to it that we find quite relatable. The effect on the guitar highlights the sincerity of the vocal really well on this one. I hate to repeat myself, but I always think of David Ramirez when I hear Tommy Alexander’s expressive writing style. Fans of Americana and alt country will find a lot to like about Alexander’s style. There’s a cathartic process to merely expressing that you don’t feel right and that you are in pain; Alexander models this wonderfully in this relatable, angsty-yet-endearing Americana tune.

Odie Leigh – “Habits Held”
-This is a perfect folk song; it’s got everything you’d want from an easy going acoustic guitar to a narrative lyrical style with plenty of charm and a voice that feels all so familiar. This is like listening to Woody or Pete, especially with the powerful lyrical sentiment. If you’ve ever been with someone who was an absolutely terrible fit but you just stayed with them, these words will connect. It’s such a classic folk song style that I actually wondered if it was a cover of an old time tune; as far as I can tell it’s an Odie Leigh original and it works so well!

Cole Swenson – “Swedish Alps”
-Cole Swenson is not a new name to my folk coverage; he’s one of the artists I’ve been covering a lot here in 2022. The overall acoustic energy is really calming, but it’s Swenson’s vocal style that really makes the sound feel special. There’s an intimacy to the recording that feels like talking to a friend in a coffeeshop. The lyrics allude to travel, but it’s ultimately a heartbreak and recovery song. The emotions are rich and satisfying. If you’ve ever replayed a breakup over and over and over in your head for way too long, this song is absolutely for you. It’s a subtle, satisfying work of cathartic emotionalism and it’s so good.

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