Three folk singer songwriters that bring peace this autumn

Arbour Season – “Dear Autumn”
-My heart. My oh my. Right… musical analysis. Um. This is… pretty. The vocals are heart-meltingly good. I love both of the vocals in Arbour Season, but the blending is just gorgeous. The song has this light swing rhythm to it with a romantic feeling from start to finish. If you’ve ever felt “under the spell of autumn” then this song is for you. As a sweatshirt and cider-loving person, this song speaks to me. It’s like it was written specifically for a coffeeshop playlist. This song exudes charm.

Ian Kieffer – “Willem”
-A calm piano is always a nice way to start a song. After the piano intro, though, this song takes on a beautiful direction with layered vocals. It’s got some surprisingly explicit lyrics that are meant to capture our attention and shock out of the calming energy of the track (much like Ben Folds). It’s a really captivating songwriting style. The line, “I get all I ever wanted and it still amounts to nothing” seems like something worth unpacking. There’s a philosophical and existential edge to this song that is really fascinating. The complexity of the songwriting in both lyrics and music makes it a truly unique track that’s worth further exploration.

Kurtis Adair – “Reach (Acoustic)”
-When I first heard this song, I felt an instant sense of calm. Adair has the sort of voice that commands your attention. The lyrics have a poetic quality to them that invites the listener to lean in and really engage. The song feels so familiar that I actually checked to see if it’s a cover; it is an Adair original. A few of the repeated lines about people who “sound like strangers and talk like friends” felt eerily relevant to our digital society. The main lyric about reaching for the sky with your feet off the floor strikes me as a metaphor. It’s a thoughtful piece of songwriting well worth a listen.

Image courtesy: Kurtis Adair IG

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