Three indie rock tracks to kick the new week right in the pants

Oh Bummer! – “Losing sunlight”
-What a perfect title for this time of year… losing sunlight. And the groove on this track is saucy. I think musicians call it the “pocket,” right? When a song just sits right in that sweet spot… It seems like this whole band was in the pocket on this recording. The instrumentation feels jazzy, relaxed, while also containing some experimental rock elements. It’s a bit more avant garde than our typical coverage, but if you spin it once you’ll feel what we love about the track. It’s great.

Zan Fiskum – “Forbidden art”
-On a scale of 1-10, Zan Fiskum’s voice is an absolute 10 out of 10. Pure magic! I could listen to this song (and others like it) for hours on end. Sometimes there are gorgeous runs and other times just a straightforward confessional lyric. Once the band enters with a chill groove, the song goes from great vocal to overall vibes. The organ, in particular, creates a mood that I find particularly hypnotic. The whole production is fantastic. I hope you’ll spin it and share it with your thousand closest friends.

Midwestern Dirt – “Two figures by a river”
-The cool groove of this track feels like it could have come from anywhere between mid-70s soft rock to late 80s yacht rock. But the thing is, the song has this almost grungy component to it as well. The mixture is intriguing and will have listeners leaning in to listen a bit closer. I dig the guitar solo on the bridge; it does just enough to keep the song moving without moving away from the genre character. This is the kind of song that makes you say “this is a good song… and the band shows promise of doing even more!” Midwestern Dirt — we hear you! We’re ready for more.

Image courtesy: Oh Bummer! IG

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