Three brand new indie folk tunes to get some nostalgic vibes going

Benedikt – “You might remember”
-The chill groove here is really wonderful. There are some psych rock elements blended into the mix here, but really the soul of the track is acoustic folk. The lyrics have a deep nostalgic sense about them, connecting with the way that we process our lives. It’s got more of a philosophical perspective than you might expect from the average folk tune. The chill energy really sets the stage for some thoughtful lyrics. It’s a whole vibe, honestly.

The Rollin Rust – “Banjo in my hand”
-I suppose the actual genre for this track is Americana, but we’re definitely happy to feature here. It’s got an up tempo style that somehow manages to reflect some old timey sounds. The electric guitar licks even feel a little like roots country. The blending of styles on this one is a definitely a feature. Some of the lyrics are humorous, featuring living a life on the road despite others who may not support your dreams or lifestyle. It’s an old fashioned story in and of itself, told in a timeless genre style.

Peter Groenwald – “Do you remember?”
-In terms of genre, this is probably more of an indie pop song than straightforward indie folk. That said, we really like the energy of this track. It sits right in that pocket between a chill groove and an upbeat rock song. The comfortable middle ground connects nicely with the vocal style that Groenwald utilizes as well. The overall track feels very chill and enjoyable. The lyrics will have you questioning your own memories of love and connection.

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