Three brand new tracks in the indie pop space showing great variety

Jasper Wilderness – “WFMT”
-If you’re in a place of transition in your life, this song will have a lot of meaning. What am I even doing here? Where am I going? This song is about preparing and waiting for your opportunity to take off and be successful. The lyrics are introspective while projecting future success. There’s a resonating sense of forward momentum in the pop rock instrumentation that works well to propel the lyrical message of the song. It’s a wonderful amalgamation of sonic production melding with a positive lyrical style that makes for an electrifying and motivating song. This would be perfect for a workout or motivational playlist for sure!

Jaewon – “Diamond blue”
-This is a smooth track with an understated production style that pulls the listener in right from the start. The vocal emerges easily as an enjoyable vibe before the chorus rips into more of an upbeat conventional rock tune. If you’ve ever faced blues and depression, this song will definitely resonate. I really appreciate the transitions from chill groove into rock then back again. It’s not always easy to make a range of emotions work so well in a song, but Jaewon does it well on this track. There’s a bit of an edge to the song that’s relatable to anyone who has ever felt the complexity of an up and down relationship.

The Tisburys – “Second sign”
-I argued with myself about whether or not to include this song with indie pop or to save it for Americana. It’s honestly right on that line, which is not a line we see very often. Usually Americana has a gritty blues or country style to it, but this song from the Tisbury’s has a bright folk sing-along lightness to it. Yet it captures an indie pop joviality that we’re happy to support. In fact, one of the bands that immediately comes to mind listening to this is Good Old War, who are one of my favorite bands of all time. So yeah, I really appreciate the moments in the song that feel a bit more like a lighthearted folk tune. That said, I understand and appreciate the gritty rock elements here as well. It’s a fascinating combination and we’re happy to support and share with our readers.

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