Three indie rock tracks that immediately stand out from the crowd

Astralux – “Desert dream”
-Followers of my indie rock coverage will not be surprised to read what I like about this band; great guitars with just the right amount of aggression and — of course — vocal harmonies. It feels like a blending of 60s heavy rock with some elements of early 2000s pop rock. It’s kind of hard to put into words, honestly, but I really like the vibes. The production mix blends the disparate elements into a cohesive whole that just works. Give it a spin and you’ll be “ooh-ing” on the chorus as well.

Jimmy Stanfield – “Depend on you”
-Have you ever heard a heart ache? Because that’s the sound the blues makes. This is a blues rock track that is absolutely stunning. Stanfield’s vocal aches with the pain of heartache in just the right way. If you’ve ever been in this position, you’ll feel this song as much as hearing it. There’s something perfect about the chord structure and the way the melody turns down at the end of each phrase. This is a man who just can’t pick his head up… he can’t get out of the muck and mire… it’s a sound that feels like the pain that bore it. Electric guitars, an aching vocal, and a rhythm section that highlights it all. Why does it sound so good to hurt so bad?

Little Dume – “Angel in my city”
-The atmospheric energy of this track is spectacular. Full stop. This could be the end of the review. Everything from the soaring vocal to the space between the expressive lines on the electric guitar make for a truly unique track. There’s a quality to the lead vocal that invites the listener into the storyline really well. A lot of times indie rock tracks lack this accessibility, but much like the Beach Boys or U2, the band presets these infinitely inviting vocals that make us all want to sing along. I have no idea how a song like this doesn’t just shoot up the charts to the top 40. If music like this was on pop radio, I would listen to pop radio.

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