A pair of pop punk tracks to show the genre is still alive and thriving

Full Throttle – “Sh!t show”
-This track has it all; it’s like a pop punk checklist. Power chords? Yes. Great name? Absolutely. A ton of up tempo style with a devil-may-care attitude? Yes and yes. There are a wide range of bands from the late 90s and early 2000s that might draw a comparison here, but I appreciate the power behind Full Throttle’s overall style. The more melodic bridge is an interesting change of pace right in the midst of a track that has a ton of forward momentum. The guitar work and expressive harmony-laden pop punk vocals are really well done. “All I do is sabotage but I don’t know who I am.” Wow. Punk gonna punk.

Ninebanks – “Hello sunshine”
-As soon as I clicked play on this track, I felt like I was stepping into a powerful punk anthem. The production is absolutely fantastic with guitars and vocals being particularly well produced. The lyrics feel like quintessential punk concepts; social criticism blended with a thematic weather-based allegory for self identity. The highlight is definitely the power chords, but the whole composition feels like a perfect fit for a punk or even indie rock playlist. Just… say hello to sunshine!

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