Three intriguing new singer songwriters you’ll want to add to your music library

Eloise Granville – “Seesaw”
-There’s a nice calm acoustic sentiment to this song that’s sure to win over a lot of fans. Granville has a sweet vocal style that helps to convey the lyrical concept well. There’s a bit of a Taylor Swift style happening with this song, with maybe a dash of Tessa Violet as well. The combination is really endearing. The confessional lyrical style is relatable, although for some of us it captures a certain version of ourselves we knew a long time ago. Nevertheless, the pop singer songwriter vibe is wonderful on this track and it deserves a wider audience. PS – Stick around for the 3 min mark if you want to hear one of the coolest stylistic shifts I’ve ever heard in a track.

Stephen Sanchez – “See the light”
-The first time I heard this song, I was writing rejection feedback to say that the pacing felt a bit too fast for the type of folk we tend to feature, but… I stuck with it. I am so glad I did. Once I really felt the up tempo vibe of the song, it works really well. It feels more like the Lumineers than a lot of the solo folk artists that we’ve featured. That said, the overall production and songwriting style meshes well on this track from Stephen Sanchez. The chorus is positively “sing it from the rooftops” engaging on this one. I can imagine singing this in a crowd full of fans at a live show! The banjo is worth the price of admission and the whistle solo is just showing off. This is a great tune.

Luke Kelly – “Photos”
-There’s a subtle confidence to this track that struck me right from first listen. Luke Kelly captures a beautiful sentimentality about looking back on a relationship. The acoustic guitar work is really good, but it’s the lyrical style that really makes this track stand out. What confuses me is how Kelly, a relatively young artist, is able to capture such a mature lyrical theme. It’s exceptionally well done and the production makes it ripe for a wider audience. This track seems absolutely perfect for a sync deal and a path to pop stardom.

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