Three upbeat indie rock jams that will kick your week off right

auckland – “Superhype”
-I’m sure there’s a super specific subgenre of rock that this song embodies, but all I can say about it as a relatively unsophisticated reviewer— it slaps! There’s an up tempo energy that absolutely smashes the downbeats. You can’t listen to this song without dancing. If you’ve ever been through the roof excited for something – a sports team, a new album, a visit from a friend – then you’ll connect with the vibe of this track. Honestly, I hope the band’s PR folks are working on getting some sync deals for this jam because I can immediately picture it on one of those commercial breaks for big time sporting events. It’s got so much raw energy!

Tripper and the Wild Things – “Get burnt”
-There’s an up tempo alt rock energy in the opening of this track that sets the mood from the start. Once the first verse comes in, it lulls the listener into relaxing a bit, but then the chorus smashes into the recording like someone slamming a hammer. The shifting moods of the song make it feel like quintessential alt rock. The little vocal harmonies in the spaces between the big guitar riffs and drum fills work really well here. This is big time commercial rock that deserves a way, way bigger audience than we could ever give it. If I was DJing a college rock station, I’d play this ever show of 2022.

Imaginary Tricks – “Monster Mythic”
-It’s rock with a syncopated beat and some clever horns; it’s definitely got some swagger to it, that’s for sure. I can’t say I’ve heard anything that is an easy comparison with this and I’m absolutely here for it. There’s a lush mix of instrumentation, especially on the chorus, that sometimes makes it hard to understand the lyrics but there’s a certain charm to the fullness of the sound. It feels a bit like being in the front row at a concert where the sound is really overwhelming but the vibes are so good you’re just all into the moment. It’s got a blurriness that blends multiple lines in intriguing ways.

Image courtesy: auckland the band IG

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