Three alt country tracks to capture your attention, including a song of the year candidate from the Passion Fruit Boys

Denitia – “Old friend”
-We first found Denitia in 2022 and have covered this artist’s music a few times already. There’s a genuine throwback country style to the music that definitely speaks to me. The sincerity in the lyrics and overall composition style pops really well on this one. The easy going vibes on the chorus make it feel particularly intimate. It’s more about an “old friend” than a romantic partner and if you’ve been fortunate enough to have that kind of friend in your life, this one will sink deep into your soul. It’s really well done.

Big Sky Mountain – “Bed of roses”
-The quality of the lead vocal from Big Sky Mountain is absolutely gorgeous. The harmonies are going to steal a lot of hearts, I’ll say that much. The phrasing works really well on this track as well. Each line works well connecting a sweet idea within the song. As a former horn player, I have to say the little trumpet highlights are also a night treat. It’s a veritable Americana mashup and I’m here for it; the vocal harmonies, though…… good heavens. I know I mentioned that already but I love them. If y’all decide you need a bass vocalist, hit me up with a DM. 🙂

Passion Fruit Boys – “Looking for a friend”
-I said it the moment I first heard this song and I’ll say it again… it sounds like Gram Parsons and John Prine did a cowrite. Absolutely STUNNING songwriting. I love this on a level that I honestly struggle to put into words. The folksy phrasing works really well. The melody is infectiously enjoyable. The whole composition deserves widespread airplay. The line, “livin’ on liquid bread, thinkin’ on things she said” might be the line of 2022. It’s such a well written song with all the right punctuation, dynamics, and meaning. It’s a treat.

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