Three Americana tunes that are sure to improve your week

Joe Purdy – “My loving arms”
-If you’ve been around folk music for any length of time, you know the inimitable Joe Purdy. We’ve covered him here in the past. His recent songwriting has brought him to a fascinating place as a songwriter. The album Coyote is a breakup album that we’ll be covering more in depth soon, but this song “My loving arms” is an absolute gem that melts my heart on every listen. It reminds me of the crooning, soothing, heartfelt sincerity of Blaze Foley’s “If I could only fly.” The calm acoustic guitar and harmonica provide all the necessary backdrop to the poetic, longsuffering vocal from Purdy. This is a treat and moves right up my personal “song of the year” consideration, for sure.

Dustbowl Revival – “Lying to myself”
-There’s an engaging modern folk energy to this track that captured my attention right away. An easy parallel might be Shovels and Rope, but Dustbowl Revival definitely have their own unique textures in the songwriting. There’s a toe-tapping intensity to the track that connects with the expressive vocal style very well. If you’ve ever lied to yourself about someone that you desperately wanted to be with, this song will sink in deep. It’s an intriguing song with a depth that might move into uncomfortability, but it’s a cathartic listen with some great harmonies.

Ryan O’Reilly – “Old blue Corolla”
-A song about a car. Or is it a song about a girl? Or is it a song about a guy with main characters that are a car and a girl? I’ll tell you what it is; it’s a darn good folk song. O’Reilly writes with that familiar Americana theme development and a slow, plodding narrative that makes you want to know what’s happening next. My favorite thing isn’t any one lyric, but rather the key change on the chorus. It just… captures a sense of emotion that’s perfect for the sad sincerity of the song. Something about the unhurried style and seriousness of the overall tune feels perfectly right for the summer of 2022.

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