Three brand new rock tracks that will bring excitement to your late July weekend

Search Committee – “Frankies Rowing Machine”
-There’s an up tempo energy to this track that made it connect for us right away, but it’s the quality of the lead vocal that really set it apart. It’s hard to find a band that can soar like this without feeling a bit too over the top. Search Committee brings some unique rhythmic turns all while keeping the track propelling down the highway. It’s a bit more progressive than what we typically feature in indie rock, but we were really feeling the complexity and energy on this one. Give it a spin and embrace the forward momentum as the track for the best listening experience.

Alejandro Lopes – “I can’t read your mind”
-I’ve always been a sucker for good power chords, so when I ran across this track from Alejandro Lopes I was immediately taken by it. The opening feels almost hypnotic as it ushers the listener into the first verse. The track rolls along with an electric guitar fueled but almost orchestral composition style. The vocal sits right in the middle of the mix. It’s not always easy to understand the lyrics, but that’s ok as the song is fundamentally about not fully understanding someone else’s ideas. The rich mix of the guitars and the quality of the vocal make this one worth embracing and including on your rock lists.

Up from Here – “Summer’s here”
-If you’ve ever read the “about” page on ETTG, you already have a pretty good idea how old I am… and so you already know why this song reminds me of the summer of 2001. *sigh* Okay, even pulling my head out of my nostalgia, I can appreciate the power chords and expressive vocals here. The way the syncopated drums and guitars play off of each other, all with a soaring punk rock vocal over the top… my word it feels like a time machine. Fans of Sum41, Yellowcard, and of course Blink182 will find a lot to like about these guys.

Image courtesy: Up from Here IG

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