Three indie folk tracks that will remind you why you love the genre so much

Logan Piercey – “Half a mind”
-This song has it all; great harmonies, reference to drinking from a mason jar, and a really nice melody. The song has a vibe that feels like traditional folk brought into the polished production of our contemporary context. But it still preserves the soul of what makes folk folk, which is to say that it is a great storytelling song. I admire a lot about the quality of this song and am glad to hear that folks like Piercey are bringing folk production into the contemporary context.

Souveneer – “That’s what concerns me man”
-I’m not supposed to play favorites as an editor, but truthfully Souveneer is one of my favorite new bands that I’ve found in 2022. It’s easy to hear why — their harmonies are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. Actually, everything about this song fits with the kind of music that I’ve been writing about for over a decade. The melody pulls the listener in, the lyrics are thoughtful, and the harmonies are the glue that holds it all together. They remind me a bit of what I love about the Arcadian Wild. It’s a style of folk music with a sophisticated lyrical palate and a beautiful sense of melody. I could listen to this all day.

Callum James – “Shadow at the door”
-There’s an interesting beat that sets this track apart from the crowd right away. But the soul of this song is in the acoustic guitar work. The combination of a rapid composition style and an almost mysterious tone of the track overall makes it feel like a real genre-defying piece of writing. That said, enough of it feels like folk for me to feature it here. Truth be told, I like the haunting energy of this one regardless of what sort of genre label we give it; there’s a certain pizzazz to the composition style that makes it worth spinning… several times. Put it on your playlist and it will catch your attention every time, I promise.

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