Three unique tracks meeting at the collision point of folk and rock music

Arts Fishing Club – “Space Cow”
-We’ve been writing about Arts Fishing Club for many years. In fact, his story was one that pulled me in right away; he’s dedicated to making music and truly loves the process. That always resonates with me. This track takes the folk rock background of the band and pushes it into more of a pure rock direction. That said, the energetic melody and moving beat really makes the song stand out. Although this isn’t much of a musical critique, it just feels good. In a world that sometimes feels like it’s spinning off its axis, hearing a groove like this with an easy to enjoy vibe can be a welcome respite from the world.

Ten Minute Detour – “What can I do?”
-It’s hard for me to explain just how much I like this style of music. Whether you call it folk rock or soft rock or just good melodic, peaceful music… I dig it. The quality vocals, especially the harmonies, really connect for me. I think the immediate comparison is a band like Three Dog Night. You don’t hear many bands in that vein these days, so imagine my surprise finding Ten Minute Detour. It’s great because the sound feels vintage without feeling old fashioned if that makes sense. I appreciate the fresh sound that captures that real sense of feeling “home again.” It’s an absolute gem of a track.

Jake Whiskin – “Headfirst Dive”
-I don’t normally approve tracks with a ton of distortion on the guitar, so when I do you know there’s something about the track that I really love. Whiskin’s writing and energy on this track feels like a deep and rich folk track that has a rock soul to it. There’s an inherent attitude to the track that connects with me; it’s an existential song reflecting on the sense of personal change. I appreciate when a rock song isn’t just a party or a lament. This is a song about trying to connect with people all while knowing that you are personally in constant flux. The blending of alt rock energy with a folk core concept really resonates with my personal taste in music. Happy to support the heck out of this.

Image courtesy: Jake Whiskin IG

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