Three indie rock tunes to put on your weekend cookout playlist

Luke Fraser – “Things can only get better”
-There’s an easy going folk rock vibe to this track that makes it appeal right away. The lyrical message of the song seems to be about a relationship only getting better, but it sure seems like a theme that could be applied to society at large. That said, it’s the throwback rock energy of the track that definitely stands out for me. The full rock production and easy going lyrical sentiment work well together. It feels like a hopeful dream of what might be some day.

Mark Charles – “Different names”
-I honestly don’t know what to call this genre. In point of fact, it seems more like Glenn Campbell era country music more than anything else. That said, it’s nothing like what contemporary definitions would call “country.” It might actually be a bit of a catchall like Americana. No matter what you call it, there’s a distinctive guitar-based energy with a storytelling ethos. The steel guitar and horns give it a distinctly western feeling as well. The lyric about the cosmos really works wonders here. This is a captivating song that keeps me asking questions with each listen.

Bear Shoe – “Pareidolia”
-Before this song, I had never even heard this term “pareidolia.” But I definitely have had the experience of thinking someone was saying my name. It’s an interesting concept. I know for it to be diagnosable it has to be more than a passing event. That said, this song does a great job of contextualizing and explaining the phenomenon. Further, the song has a captivating sort of driving pop punk energy to that definitely stands out from the indie rock crowd. There’s an artfulness to this performance that we don’t often hear. Give it a spin and see if it’s for you.

Image courtesy: Luke Fraser IG

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