Three thoughtful indie folk songs that will appeal to our core audience

Bocce – “10 of swords”
-There’s a calming acoustic style here that is sure to appeal to a lot of our regular readers. Bocce have a thoughtful writing style and some very captivating lyrics. The theme is ostensibly spiritual, pulling listeners into a conversation about salvation and damnation. The folk instrumentation and lyrical theme work together well, allowing the listener to contemplate the tension between spiritual uncertainty. It’s really a remarkable piece of songwriting. I venture to guess some of our readers will be able to relate to the core set of questions here. It’s captivating.

Emma Worley – “Jigsaw”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, you’ll find a lot to like about Emma Worley’s style. There’s an intimacy in the recording that I really appreciate. The easy harmonies on the chorus really make the song feel comfortable and engaging. The instrumentation feels a little like folk and roots country in one. The easy going sway of the song allows the listener to connect with the thoughtful, peaceful style of the lyrics. Fans of roots country and thoughtful lyricism will find a lot to like about this one.

Mark Diamond – “Life is about”
-There’s a sentimentality to this song from Mark Diamond that makes it stand out to me immediately. The instrumentation is easy going acoustic guitar work, but beyond that there’s a soothing momentum to the track that really works well. The atmospheric elements provide a nice basis on this one. It really allows the guitars to balance together well so that the vocal can cut through well. The questioning, “maybe that’s what life is about” sentiment fits a core set of philosophical questions I’ve been asking a lot personally. It’s a good song worth thoughtful consideration.

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