Three folk singer songwriters you’ll want to hear right away

Indianna Dawn – “More than a man”
-There’s a captivating simplicity to the acoustic guitar work on this song. It ushers in a beautifully expressive vocal from the lead. The easy going sense of the track allows the listener to ease into the poetic lyricism. By the time the chorus hits, the track feels almost theatrical in its emotionalism. I’ll leave the lyrical interpretation up to others (largely because I don’t want to be incorrect), but I do think it’s got a delightful mystery to it. This is an incredible piece of indie singer songwriter work.

Jake Etheridge – “Song beneath the song” (Maria Taylor cover)
-We rarely feature covers on our site, so when we do it’s because it’s really good. Jake Etheridge is one of those artists that just speaks to me, honestly. His sincerity in recording always comes through really well. This track, which I had never heard, has a real magic to it with Etheridge’s spin. It’s got a bit of an alt rock sentiment to it, which feels comfortable with the folk arrangement. The refrain “it’s not a love song” feels like it’s trying to convince the listener. Regardless if the song is a love song, I definitely love this one. It’s hard to put into words the energy of the track; you just have to spin it.

SweetNur – “Josephine”
-This is a song about a little girl and it’s really well done. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl dad myself, but this one found an emotional place for me. The acoustic guitar and overall composition style reminds me a little of the Avett Brothers. The whole message of the track is really cute, honestly. In the mix, there’s a cello, fiddle, and stand-up bass that give the song a really unique sound in the folk scene currently. The other artist this reminded me of is a folk duo from a few years back called Jus Post Bellum. This song was an absolute treat. There’s love from start to finish.

Image courtesy: Indianna Dawn IG

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