Three folk tunes to ease you into the summer time

Maggie Pope – “Radio song”
-There’s a calming style to the acoustic guitar on this track that’s sure to appeal to a lot of listeners. If you’re looking for a song for a relaxing playlist, you can’t do much better than this from Maggie Pope. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous. The subtle piano work fills the sound nicely as well. If you’ve ever spent time doing life with music in the background, there’s something special about that music that makes up the soundtrack to our lives. I hear music now that I heard on the radio 30 years ago and it brings back a flood of memories. This song captures that sentiment beautifully.

Souveneer – “Evelyn”
-This is a song about starting a cult. I mean… kind of. It’s also a love song. It’s got some really clever writing and a fantastic indie folk base. The energy of the song really resonates with me; it’s got a core identity of folk but also has a witty, almost experimental unwillingness to follow folk convention. It reminds me of something the guys in Good Old War might produce. The layered harmonies and intentional shifting of the time signature makes for a really captivating song. It’s not really a put it on and chill song; you have to engage with it. It feels like something that would make Neil Young happy.

Davis John Patton – “Vacant airport”
-From the first time I heard this song, I knew it was really well written. The lyrics are sharp and expressive. The acoustic guitar does a great job of providing a calming basis to pull the listener. I always find it interesting when a lyricist is self-evident about the metaphors they’re using in their writing. The song could have a dozen or so interpretations, but to me it’s ultimately about waiting around for someone else to arrive and enter into the relationship. But the spirit of this track is what gets me; it just feels incredibly genuine and we’re always proud to support that.

Image courtesy: Maggie Pope IG

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