Three brand new rock tunes showing the versatility of the genre

Common Goldfish – “Shout louder”
-If you’re looking for a slick groove and an atmospheric psych rock vibe, check out this track from Common Goldfish. With psych I always comp to Pink Floyd, but really Common Goldfish kind of have their own thing going here. The vibes are delightful, with a bit of a Guster shine to them. The production mix creates flashes of smooth rock with harmonies that throw it all the way back to Brian Wilson. This is a song, it’s a trip, and an adventure. Throw it on and let your mind wander a bit… it’s time to open your eyes and, in the case of the song, your ears.

Connor Cassidy – “Radio Silence”
-If you took all the music I listened to in the late 90s and put it into a musical blender, you’d probably come out with something a lot like this track from Connor Cassidy. It’s a bit of that pop rock country sound that was all over the charts, but there’s also a little bit of what some might call adult contemporary here as well. The sound is pleasing and the lyrics are about taking stock in where you are when you feel a bit lost in life. It’s an anthem of calling out for help and not receiving any. If this is how you feel, we urge you to keep asking for help until you find it. People care and you deserve to find help and stability.

The Flycatchers – “Voices”
-From the very first time I played this track, I felt an immediate connection to the Needtobreathe and Green River Ordinance style bands that we’ve featured in the past. The Flycatchers have a solid, rock-influenced country-Americana vibe to their music. No matter what you call it, the song has a great sound and a powerful message. It’s about having discernment toward the various voices in your life, especially those that cut you down. Make sure to choose the voices you listen to carefully and don’t let people speak lies into who you are and the path that you’re on. This is an important tune that can and should shape your understanding of the people around you.

Image courtesy: Common Goldfish IG

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