Three indie rock tracks to throw on your weekend playlist and enjoy

Cardinal Bloom – “She’s just a friend”
-That line “show me your favorite songs” is kind of a mantra around here. It’s certainly a major theme throughout my life and very relatable in this song. The scenes in the song about being romantic with someone yet saying they’re “just a friend” is also very on point personally. But the driving rhythm and engaging electric guitar provides a great basis for the clever, familiar vibe of the lead vocalist. The shifting dynamics in the song put me in mind of a wide range of rock comp bands, but perhaps none more directly than the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you’re looking for a fun, up temp, at times cheeky little song about one of those relationships in the gray area, give this one a spin.

Creature Canyon – “Faded fire”
-There’s a cool energy to this track that I really admire. The groove matches the quick hitting electric guitar riffs perfectly. The lyrics are about the paranoia when you realize that your relationship with someone has completely drifted apart. The cool mood of the track helps to smooth over the gut-tugging accuracy of the lyrical work. I love the harmonies on the chorus and the overall mood of the track. If you’re looking for a rock jam that will have you waving your hands, you’ll dig this one. But fair warning, if you’re in a rough relationship don’t think too hard about the lyrics on this one. They’ll sting.

Euan Blackman – “LED lights”
-If you’re a fan of harmonicas and acoustic guitars, give this track a spin. Blackman’s sincerity in the vocal is what made me say, “yes, absolutely!” to this track. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. There’s a coolness to the energy of the track in the way the electric guitar comes over the top of the acoustic base of the track. It has a very atmospheric blend to it for a song that seems to be mainly an acoustic folk rock song at its core. That sense of almost cinematic layering makes for an emotional seedbed that allows the lyrics to emerge for the listener to connect and relate. It’s a story of conflict and redemption (I think?) that will have listeners vibing to the music while pondering lyrics for many subsequent listens.

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