Three “alt pop” tracks that have us chilling out and throwing away the genre rules

Claire Connors – “Alone again”
-Whew. “How could you treat me like that? Thought I wanted you so bad.” This is a heartbreak song. It’s also an angry song about someone who was not a good person in a relationship. It’s a special kind of betrayal, really, because a relationship is when someone is allowed to come in as close as humanly possible. When someone betrays that trust, there’s nothing else like it in the world. Connors captures that broken heartedness in a musically beautiful way, but don’t let the pretty packaging take away from the powerful lyrical message. Don’t treat people poorly; if a relationship doesn’t work out, find a way to make an amicable split. This is a heartbreaking song, even from the outside listening in. That said, it’s beautifully written and certainly worth sharing widely.

Lucy McWilliams – “Medication” (demo)
-Imagine being able to write a demo this good. Absolutely outstanding work. Lucy McWilliams has captured what it means to be overwhelmed and anxious. There’s an inherent tension in the track that is only counterbalanced by the gorgeous work of the piano and vocal. The lyrics are about how people use all sorts of substances and attempts to alleviate the pain of human existence. But at the end of it, all we have is moments of mercy in the midst of a difficult life. Lyrically complex, sonically mesmerizing, and totally enrapturing. This is a truly special recording.

Andrew Heckman – “like you”
-Good music is good music is good music. Call it what you will, Andrew Heckman’s piano anthem “like you” is good music regardless of the genre category we might have for it. In fact, what makes the song so good is that it’s delightfully authentic. Every lyric feels like it is intentional, purposeful, and carries a good deal of heartfelt meaning. The climactic line, “I was waiting for a girl like you” is perfectly articulated. Anyone who has found that special someone in their life will be able to relate to the meaningful lyrics of this track. The chilled out groove conveys the message well.

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